Amano Artisan Chocolate - 55% Mango Chili

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This 55% Mango Chili Chocolate bar was crafted by Amano Chocolate using cacao from the Ecuador.


From Art Pollard of Amano Chocolate: 

"Chili and chocolate are almost the perfect combination.  The two have been paired together since the time of the Aztecs when they were used to create a wonderful drink. Mango’s fruity creaminess provides the perfect counterpoint to the chili’s warmth, and the two have become a favorite snack worldwide.

I have taken the mango-chili combination and crafted them together in this bar, which we make with cocoa we source directly from farmers in the Guayas River Basin in Ecuador.  The result? A Chocolate that is truly remarkable and one which you will treasure."

85g / 3oz

Cocoa Beans
Pure Cane Sugar
Cocoa Butter
Arbol Chilis
Whole Vanilla Bean

Arbol Chili

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