Baiani Chocolate - 56% Cascara (Bahia, Brazil)

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This 56% Cascara bar by Baiani Chocolate is one that took a lot of time and effort using cacao beans from Bahia, Brazil.

The fermented husks of coffee are still not very well known in the world of gastronomy, but their flavor is delicious. It still holds residues of the pulp of the coffee fruit giving it some interesting citric notes that create an unexpected uniqueness when combined with chocolate.

We were introduced to this ingredient by our friend Rafael Bosco, an expert coffee researcher and barista in São Paulo, Brazil. He suggested they try to incorporate it in their bars and the result, after many tests made with different proportions, were surprising. Not only in taste but also in texture, since the coffee husks when added to our melangers with chocolate, don’t refine so easily.

The experience is unexpected, the Cascara taste has absolutely no connection to what we recognize as a coffee flavor, and the graininess of this bar adds to this exotic sensory ride.

58g / 2.1oz

Single Origin Cacao Beans
Organic Cane Sugar
Cascara (Coffee Husks)
Cocoa Butter


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