Baiani Chocolate - 60% Vegan Milk Chocolate (Bahia, Brazil)

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Baiani Chocolate created this 60% vegan milk chocolate bar to showcase the cacao of Bahia, Brazil. The flavors of Vale Potumuju’s cacao were preserved but so well complemented by the coconut milk, bringing a lot of personality to this bar. The result is a delicious chocolate bar with a contemporary healthy taste.

GMO, allergenics and chemical compounds are all important issues regarding conscious consumption of foods nowadays. 

In keeping with the market demands and trends, but staying away from the stereotypical interpretations of what is really vegan, they chose the best and purest coconut milk for this recipe to bring the creaminess and soft texture that we all dream of in a chocolate bar.

Baiani Chocolate bars carry the tradition of the Pinheiro and Aquino families, both part of the cacao farming tradition since the end of the 19th century. Owned by Pinheiro's family since 1973, Santa Rita farm situated at Vale Potumuju in Bahia, Brazil, is where they source their beans from. Having their own origin, using high standards in the processing of their cacao and hand crafting their chocolate to enhance its unique personality and flavors are what set their Tree to Bar Chocolates apart.

58g / 2.1oz

Single Origin Cacao Beans
Organic Cane Sugar
Coconut Milk Powder


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