Baiani Chocolate - 70% Bold Roast, Trinitarios (Bahia, Brazil)

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This 70% dark chocolate bar is crafted with beans from their family farm, Vale Potumuju in Bahia, Brazil. This recipe was their inspiration to create their line of chocolate bars. When offering their “classic” version of the 70% to friends, nothing but praises would come back. Confirming these early approvals, today this bar has been awarded 3 times internationally. It's bold roast profile enhances the complex flavor profile of these Brazilian cacao beans.

Baiani Chocolate bars carry the tradition of the Pinheiro and Aquino families, both part of the cacao farming tradition since the end of the 19th century. Owned by Pinheiro's family since 1973, Santa Rita farm situated at Vale Potumuju in Bahia, Brazil, is where they source their beans from. Having their own origin, using high standards in the processing of their cacao and hand crafting their chocolate to enhance its unique personality and flavors are what set their Tree to Bar Chocolates apart.

58g / 2.04oz

Organic Cane Sugar

Dried Fruits

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