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This 70% dark chocolate is the first bar made with cacao beans from Impulsa Bacao in San Pablo de Borbur in the Boyacá region of Colombia. 

When the Goodnow Farms Chocolate team sourced these beans, they highlighted that this recently launched project is a joint venture with FUNRED Agro, a local association of cacao farmers, and was established to help bring cacao producing families out of poverty and generate a positive social and environmental impact in the region. To help farmers in the region generate profits from cacao they built a new fermentation and drying facility in the town of San Pablo de Borbur. They also provided technical assistance to help farmers identify genetic cacao varieties known for fine flavor beans, and taught them best practices for propagation, pruning and harvesting.

Farmers in the region used to rely on income from growing coca, but the premium price Impulsa Bacao is offering for fine flavor cacao has made cacao a newly important cash crop.  Although Impulsa is only a year old dozens of local farmers have decided to work with them and sell them their cacao.

As with all of their bars, they craft this one with their own cocoa butter, which they pressed from the same Boyaca beans they use to make the bar. 

55g / 1.94oz

Cacao Beans
Organic Sugar
Fresh Pressed Cocoa Butter

Toasted Marshmallow
Graham Cracker

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