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Dick Taylor's Chocolate Coated Almonds is one of the most addictive chocolate confections!

They delicately roast organic California almonds. Using traditional coating pans, they slowly build layer upon layer of their 65% Belize dark chocolate. They truly hope you enjoy their elegant take on this traditional confection.

About their Toledo, Belize origin:

"From the Toledo District, in southern Belize comes an exceptional cacao. Maya Mountain Cacao is a small co-op that has been working with local Mayan farmers to improve not only the quality of the cacao they farm but also their quality of life. They are succeeding on both levels and this award winning bar is proof of that, wonderfully nuanced, full of floral and dried fruit notes. We hope you will appreciate the hard work and care that goes into this bar." ~ Dick Taylor Chocolate

171g / 6oz

Organic Almonds
Organic Cacao
Organic Cane Sugar
Organic Cocoa Butter

Dried Plum
Tart Cherry

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