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Whole, peeled, roasted cacao beans lightly caramelized with smoked paprika, harissa, spicy cayenne and orange. 80% Cacao Content. The overwhelming favorite among chefs and chocolate makers. A powerful balance of fruity, spicy, salty, smoky, savory, and lightly sweet.

Good King Cacao is a cacao snack company based in Seattle, WA.

We create a completely new, irresistibly crunchy, lightly caramelized cacao snack (like dark chocolate) that never melts! 

If you're familiar with cacao nibs, you'll likely notice Good King's smoother, richer flavor from our unique roasting process. 

They intentionally choose every ingredient to taste great and be great for you. Where it empowers growing communities, they also opt for certified USDA Organic. 

Shop with confidence knowing that all of their products are Vegan, non-GMO, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free and Gluten-Free.  

They never use any artificial colors, flavors, fillers, additives or preservatives. 

Good King Cacao is all about empowering women. As a Social Purpose Corporation, they are committed to and have been nationally recognized for creating fair and living wages for farming communities. Thank you for making this change possible!

With each bag or bar, you'll enjoy premium cacao beans that are processed in small batches by women in the communities who grow them.  This ensures you receive snacks of the highest quality while increasing the revenue generating power of growers' harvests by more than 50% beyond fair trade. 

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