Honoka'a Chocolate - 55% Goat Milk Chocolate Bar

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This 55% goat milk chocolate bar uses Hawaiian cacao from their own farm!

The Honoka'a Chocolate team understood that not everyone is a dark chocolate lover, so they created this just for you. They use 55% cacao, 30% sugar (just like all of their 70% cacao bars) and the remaining percentage is Goat Milk.  They chose to use Meyenberg brand Organic, which provides just a touch of sharpness to the creamy, mellow flavors of this bar.  Chocolate Maker Mike - the purist - loves this bar, and hopes that you will too!

Honoka’a Chocolate Co. is located on the Hamakua coast of the Big Island of Hawai'i at Kahi Ola Mau Farm. Our farm has a rich history in Hamakua district town of Honoka'a. Located mauka (towards Mauna Kea) from Honoka'a in an area known as Ahualoa, the 5 acres we call home was first purchased by the sugar plantation doctor sometime in the 1920s. They are the fourth resident and keeper of this beautiful property and have transformed it into a working farm.

57g / 2.00oz

Pure Hawaiian Cacao
Organic Cane Sugar
Dehydrated Organic Goat Milk

Goat Milk

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