Luisa Abram Chocolate - 70% Rio Purus, Brazil

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This Luisa Abram chocolate bar has 70% cacao from wild origins from the Brazilian Amazon and has quite the complex flavor profile which will surely amaze you.

The cocoa used in this chocolate is Cooperar's main source of income, a cooperative founded in 2007 of nearly 200 extractivists distributed in 51 communities along 800 km of the Purus River, which includes caboclos, riverside dwellers and indigenous people. They extract from the Amazon Forest, in addition to cocoa, bananas, beans and corn. The diversification of the use of forest products represents an alternative to expand the sources of income for this population, while at the same time reinforcing the importance of keeping the Forest standing. In addition to extractivism, they live off fishing and subsistence agriculture.

80g / 2.8oz

Wild Cocoa
Organic Sugar
Cocoa Butter of Amazon Origin

Portugese Chestnut
Green Olives
Burnt Fudge

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