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Mindo Chocolate's 77% dark chocolate from a single estate, La Bonita in Puerto Quito, Ecuador. This estate is located in the Cloud Forest surrounding Mindo, Ecuador which is a UNESCO bio-reserve protected national cloud forest. 

Grown in the mountains of Ecuador where the Cloud Forest reigns pure, our heirloom Nacional cacao shines valiantly in this bar.  Let it serve as a beacon to experience the BRIGHT floral, fruity, and tannin notes that perfectly-handled small-batch chocolate can release with a brilliant intimacy and complexity.

It's what they do best: dark chocolate made from organic, fine flavor heirloom Nacional cacao grown in the birthplace of cacao.   No milk, no soy, no additives — pure and simple. 

50g / 1.75oz

Organic Cocoa Beans
Organic Cane Sugar

Caramel Apple
Roasted Almond

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