Monsoon Chocolate - 45% Mesquite White Chocolate

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This Monsoon Chocolate 45% Mesquite White Chocolate bar uses cocoa butter from Peru.

Three varietals of mesquite trees are native to the Sonoran Desert, and the edible legumes they produce have been a staple food for indigenous people for the thousands of years. Mesquite pods are packed with natural sugars that, when toasted, lend a nutty and caramel-like flavor to this non-traditional white chocolate bar. We are proud to source our mesquite pod from the San Xavier Cooperative Farm, who employs tribal members to wild-harvest the pods, sun dry them whole, and then mill into a flour on their stone mill. 

50g / 1.76oz

Organic Cocoa Butter (Peru)
Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar
Organic Milk Powder
Mesquite Pod
Organic Butter
Organic Salt

Toasted Nuts

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