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Ben Rasmussen has really gotten into baking with sourdough over the past little, making everything from loaves of bread to sourdough pancakes, donuts, and pretzels. He was just baking for himself, family, and friends and mentioned his new hobby to Marisol, one of the owners of The Chocolate House in Washington, DC. She suggested (more demanded in a friendly way, really) that he try and combine his newfound love of sourdough with his passion for chocolate and make a bar with sourdough bread in it. He thought it was a great idea and got to work.

He made many, many test batches on the road to this bar, trying to get the perfect flavor and texture. Along the way, I tested many different variables:

  • toasted vs untoasted (toasted won)
  • crust-only vs no-crust vs the whole loaf (the whole loaf!)
  • salt vs no salt (just a touch of salt)
  • different percentages of everything

It was a long–but delicious–road. 

The resultant bar is made with Potomac's award-winning Duarte, Dominican Republic 70% dark chocolate, with just the right amount of homemade, lightly toasted sourdough breadcrumbs that bring a great crunch to the bar, and just a hint of sea salt. He's really proud of this bar and hopes you’ll enjoy it as much as he does!

60g / 2.12oz

Organic Cacao
Organic Cane Sugar
Sourdough Breadcrumbs (flour, salt)
Sea Salt


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