Raphio Chocolate - 72% Espresso Crunch

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Raphio's Espresso Crunch bar is a collaboration with Kuppa Joy Coffee House.

When they first set foot inside Kuppa Joy Coffee House, the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans, joyful conversations of patrons, and happy smiley faces of the baristas greeted them. They knew immediately that this coffee house would provide a drink to soothe my soul.

The passion of Zack Follett, owner of Kuppa Joy, in coffee, people, and ultimately God, inspires many aspects of their chocolate business. From design to flavor, this espresso chocolate bar is the fruit of their local collaboration. As God's children, Zack and the Raphio team aims to spread more joy and do Him justice.

63g / 2.20oz

Organic Cacao Beans
Organic Cane Sugar
Organic Cacao Butter
Coffee Beans


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