Vesta Chocolate - 78% Lachua, Guatemala

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This 78% dark chocolate bar from Vesta Chocolate is made with cacao from Lachua, Guatemala.

Are you ready to be on the dark side with the Vesta team? It is made only with Organic Cacao, Organic Cacao butter, and organic unrefined raw sugar. No lecithin, No BS. 

Every Origin was carefully formulated for optimal flavor and mouthfeel. Note, it will taste even more intense and forthcoming than most bars that are commercially traded, but that's a good thing! That means there is high cacao content, therefore better for you too. 

This particular bar is masculine, yet light, with refreshing brightness coming through at the end. If it were a guy, he would be a sophisticated hipster, also a gentleman.

45g / 1.59oz

Guatemala Single Origin Organic Cacao Beans
Unrefined Raw Sugar
Organic Cacao Butter

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