Vesta Chocolate - 84% Maya Mountain, Belize

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This Vesta Chocolate 84% dark chocolate bar uses beans from Maya Mountain Cacao based in Toledo, Belize.

Brought to you by a husband and wife team Roger & Julia, Vesta is a bean-to-bonbon craft chocolate factory and café where the chocolate is first made from organic cacao beans from various origins with unrefined and organic Panela sugar, then it is used to make bonbons, baked goods, spreads, bars, and more. Roger and Julia felt that there was a gap between small batch craft chocolate making and everyday consumption; one could either get craft bean-to-bar chocolate in a bar format, or confections and baked goods that still use mass-produced, commercial chocolate. That’s why they decided to combine forces to create a unique artisanal chocolate-making house where French techniques meet the true definition of chocolate in Latin America where cacao originates. Because they truly believe that craft chocolate should be applicable to our daily lives.

62g / 2.2oz

Organic Cocoa Beans
Organic Cane Sugar
Organic Cocoa Butter

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