A Gourmet Spread Like No Other

Introducing Chocotastery's Single Origin Chocolate Cashew Spread

Transparently Sourced Cocoa Beans & Cashews from Tanzania
with Organic Cane Sugar & Sea Salt... That's All!

The perfect luxury gift for you or your favorite foodie!

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Uganda Trip 2022

With Cocoa Farmer, Enos Kule in
Bundibugyo, Uganda

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About Chocotastery

Chocotastery is the premier destination for chocolate education and tasting experiences. 

We offer our customers an opportunity to deepen their appreciation, love and enjoyment for craft chocolate. During our events customers will learn about where and how cacao is grown and harvested and how chocolate is made and participate in a guided chocolate tasting. 

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About Glenn Petriello, Our Chocolate Sommelier

Our Founder and Chocolate Sommelier, Glenn Petriello, has over a decade of combined experience as a chocolatier, chocolate maker and chocolate sommelier and has brought together hundreds of people across the world to learn about where chocolate comes from, how it’s made and are then guided through a tasting of four craft chocolate bars.

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