Our Chocolate Services

We have over 10 years of experience in the chocolate industry spanning from being a chocolatier, chocolate maker, chocolate educator, and chocolate sommelier. Allow us to provide you the highest quality of chocolate services for you and/or your company, team, clients, family, friends, etc.

We have the ability to lead virtual chocolate tastings of any size, curate a number of various craft chocolate collections and for all those who are starting out and looking for guidance on becoming a chocolate maker, let us impart some of our wisdom from our years of experience.

Corporate / Private Virtual Chocolate Tastings

This 1.5 hour exclusive virtual chocolate education and tasting experience is a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Gain knowledge of how chocolate is made, hands on training to mindfully taste chocolate, and discover the fine flavored nuances and craftsmanship of four (4) craft chocolate bars. 

These bars are handcrafted by skilled craft chocolate makers, with varying percentages of cacao from different cacao producing regions around the world. In addition, you will receive two (2) roasted cocoa beans from different regions to crack open and taste during your experience.

Chocolate Tasting Kit Includes: 

Four (4) Craft Chocolate Bars

Two (2) Roasted Cocoa Beans

Chocotastery’s Chocolate Tasting Guide

Chocotastery’s Chocolate Tasting Sheet

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Corporate Gifting Options

We have a range of three different craft chocolate collection gift boxes:

Essential Craft Chocolate Collection - 4 Craft Chocolate Bars

Ultimate Craft Chocolate Collection - 7 Craft Chocolate Bars

Complete Craft Chocolate Collection - 14 Craft Chocolate Bars 

Each collection includes our chocolate tasting resources and the option for a personalized gift note card.

Each bar is handcrafted with cacao from different regions around the world by some of the world’s best craft chocolate makers based in the USA or across the globe. 

Our chocolate tasting resources will assist in creating memorable experiences, helping everyone discover the irresistible range of unique flavors and aromas of each bar.

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Chocolate Consulting Services

Are you interested in starting to make chocolate at home and not know where to begin?

Are you looking to bounce some of your ideas off of an industry expert as you start your chocolate making journey?

Are you looking for an exclusive insight into lessons learned from being a craft chocolate maker?

Are you looking to seek feedback on your chocolate before you release it to the market?

Would you like us to review your chocolate bars on the market?

Would you like to partner with us for a chocolate tasting event?

Allow us to be your chocolate resource and trusted partner to discuss your journey, ask questions, seek valuable business and life lessons, and/or expand your chocolate presence in the industry.

Free initial 30 minute consultation and then further hourly rate applies. Inquire below for more details.

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