About Chocotastery

Chocotastery is the premier destination for chocolate education and tasting experiences. 

We offer our customers an opportunity to deepen their appreciation, love and enjoyment for craft chocolate. During our events customers will learn about where and how cacao is grown and harvested and how chocolate is made and participate in a guided chocolate tasting. 

First Chocotastery In Person Chocolate Tasting in Jersey City on Saturday, March 16, 2019.

About Our Impact

We donate a portion of proceeds from our tastings and online orders to help improve the livelihood of cacao farmers in cacao producing origins around the world.

We accomplish this by partnering with members of the chocolate industry who we know and trust and support their businesses by purchasing their chocolate and promoting their stories. This allows us to realize the power and possibility of connection and create a fun and empowering landscape where we can learn about chocolate, taste unique chocolate and discover how we can positively impact the industry together.

This photo is of our first in-person chocolate tasting at Indiegrove in Jersey City, NJ on Saturday, March 16, 2019.

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Our Founder & Chocolate Sommelier, Glenn Petriello of Chocotastery

About Our Founder & Chocolate Sommelier

Our Founder and Chocolate Sommelier, Glenn Petriello, has over a decade of combined experience as a chocolatier, chocolate maker and chocolate sommelier and has brought together hundreds of people across the world to learn about where chocolate comes from, how it’s made and are then guided through a tasting of craft chocolate bars. 

As a graduate of chocolate and cacao focused classes from Ecole Chocolat, Fine Chocolate and Cacao Institute, International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting, International Culinary Center (now merged into ICE) and Institute of Culinary Education, Glenn has experience in crafting chocolate confections, creating his own line of bean to bar chocolate bars as well as making chocolate for Indi Chocolate in Seattle, WA and has since taught hundreds of people on these topics. In addition, he was a judge for the Chocolate Alliance Awards.

If you are looking to ask Glenn any questions on starting up your own chocolate making journey, purchasing and/or tasting chocolate, hiring him for a private tasting or to ask him random chocolate questions, feel free to reach out to him for a free consultation.

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