Georgia Ramon - Carolina Reaper

Chocolate Maker - Georgia Ramon from Bonn, Germany

Bar Name - Carolina Reaper

This is a 70% Dark Chocolate with Carolina Reaper, currently one of the hottest chili peppers per the Guinness Book of World Records. The Carolina Reaper pepper has on average a scoville rating of 1,569,300. This is a pepper meant for a chili head. If you cannot tolerate a lot of spice, this may not be the best inclusion bar to taste.

Tasting Date - 4/4/2018

Tasting experience:

The aroma of the piece I tasted had a nice cocoa note with a slight spicy chili note. As soon as I placed the piece in my mouth there was an immediate tingle on the tongue as the chocolate started to melt. Heat increased on the roof of my mouth and as I moved the chocolate around my tongue I felt my insides heat up. It’s was a bearable heat where the sweetness of the chocolate provides an unexpected coolness. As it melted I didn’t taste any chocolate complexity because I was focused on the heat level and how it interacted with the chocolate. The finish was long and full of a tingling heat. I would say that it is not for those who do not like or cannot handle spice and heat. After a few minutes my mouth was still heated. Shortly after I finished I acknowledged that there was no eye tearing, sweating or uncontrollable pain. Further along, my nose started to run a little. Nothing major. This is the right product for those who love heat. Well done with the balance of heat and sweetness. The second small piece I tried, I aggressively moved the piece around my mouth to really focus on the chocolate notes and I felt a stronger burn in my throat. As far as the flavor, I tasted a slight nutty note. After that second piece my runny nose increased in intensity. Overall, I was impressed. Kudos to Georgia Ramon!

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Disclaimer: I did not receive any form of compensation  or favor for writing this post. This is my own chocolate tasting experience that I am sharing with you.  

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