Amano Artisan Chocolate - 55% Cardamom Black Pepper

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This 55% Cardamom Black Pepper bar was crafted by Amano Chocolate using cacao from the Dominican Republic.

Before starting Amano, Art Pollard experimented with an incredible number of flavor combinations. Chocolate with cardamom and black pepper was one of his favorite discoveries. This bar uses their award winning Dos Rios chocolate made from unusually flavorful cacao beans out of the Dominican Republic. Those beans have natural bergamot orange and lavender flavors to them. Blend and grind those beans with the finest cardamom and black pepper and the resulting flavor combination is electrifying. He has added crunchy bits to make it even more addictive.

His first successful chocolate bar that he gave away as Christmas presents including a cardamom and black pepper bar. It was because of those bars that made the recipients of those gifts convince him to start Amano Chocolate. You might say that with their Cardamom Black Pepper bar they have come full circle back to the origins of Amano Chocolate.

85g / 3oz

Cocoa Beans
Cocoa Butter
Pure Cane Sugar
Single Estate Black Pepper
Whole Vanilla Bean

Bergamot Orange
Black Pepper

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