Amano Artisan Chocolate - 70% Dos Rios, Dominican Republic

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This 70% Dos Rios bar was crafted by Amano Chocolate using cacao from the Dominican Republic.

Since Amano Chocolate burst on the market in 2007 many chocolate makers have copied Amano Chocolate in bringing out unique flavors of cacao beans from around the world. However Amano has exclusive rights to these most unusual cacao beans. They tastes like chocolate mixed with oranges with cinnamon and clove. When they made their Dos Rios chocolate they do not add any fruit or flavorings. All the flavors you taste come from these very special cocoa beans grown from the Dominican Republic. They are the true flavor of the beans. Their job as chocolate makers is to be as true to the beans as we can. The flavor of cocoa beans changes depending on where they are from. That's why no two single origin bars taste exactly the same. The bean genetics, the skill of the farmer, and the care and methods of producing the chocolate all go into the final flavor of the chocolate. Here, they all come together magically to create one of the world's most unusual and flavorful chocolates.

85g / 3oz

cocoa beans
cocoa butter
pure cane sugar
whole vanilla bean

Bergamot Orange

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