Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate - 75% Fazenda Camboa, Brazil

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Dick Taylor handcrafted their single origin 75% Fazenda Camboa, Brazil dark chocolate (75% cacao and 25% organic cane sugar) with the incredible cacao sourced directly from their friends at Cacao Bahia in Brazil. The cacao is grown and exported by the Carvalho family, founded in 1942. They have grown little by little to become the largest organic producer of cacao in the region. Dick Taylor is proud to work with their family farm and the deliciously earthy, nutty cacao they produce.  Without the use of any fillers like added cocoa butter, soy lecithin or vanilla, we are able to add only organic cane sugar in the making of this chocolate bar which allows us to highlight the unique flavor notes in the cacao. Handcrafted from bean to bar in their Eureka, California chocolate factory.

About Fazenda Camboa origin:

"Fazenda Camboa, in the Bahia region of Brazil, was founded in 1942 by the Carvalho family. What started as a small family farm quickly grew to be one of the most important estates in the area. Sadly, the farm almost closed in the 90’s as they suffered through years of a cacao disease called “Witches Broom” which destroyed nearly 96% of the farms annual output. Despite the hardship the Carvalho family, using their tremendous amount of experience, has battled back by, and little by little has rebuilt volume and greatly improved quality. Now, building on a solid foundation, they have grown to become the largest organic producer of cacao in the region. We are pleased to be one of the few American chocolate makers to be using this cacao.We feel like the rich history shines through in a very unique and highly enjoyable chocolate." ~ Dick Taylor Chocolate 

57g / 2oz

Organic Cane Sugar


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