Goodnow Farms Chocolate - 70% Yasica Especial - Nicaragua Criollo *Extremely Rare*

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This 70% dark chocolate bar from Goodnow Farms Chocolate is made from cocoa beans from a single sack of ancient Nicaragua Criollo beans discovered over a decade ago by cocoa farmer Giff Laube in a remote jungle near the Yasica river in Nicaragua.

Per Goodnow Farms, when Giff discovered ancient Criollo trees over a decade ago, he had several leaves from the tree tested by the USDA and one of them turned out to be ancient Nicaraguan Criollo. After clearing a section of his farm from his other trees, he began propagating this ancient Criollo through grafting. 

After 10 years, Giff's grafted and nurtured trees finally produced enough beans or a single sack of dried cocoa and guess who he gave them to... Goodnow Farms Chocolate. 

To this end, we secured 2 cases from them and we're giving you this extremely amazing and rare opportunity to try this chocolate. With this exclusivity, it comes at a steep price tag for craft chocolate - $35 per bar.

We will be organizing a special tasting happy hour event soon to allow those who want to experience such an amazing chocolate can come together and learn a bit more about it from the Goodnow Farms Chocolate team. Please pay attention to your email as soon as it is planned, we will be emailing out about it.

55g / 1.94oz

Cacao Beans
Organic Sugar
Fresh Pressed Cocoa Butter

Juicy Strawberries

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