Lonohana Estate Chocolate - 70% Dark Mint

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Lonohana Estate Chocolate grows cacao on their farm on the North Shore of Oahu and makes chocolate at their factory in Honolulu. Rarely is chocolate made by the same people, or even in the same country where the cacao is grown. 

They are a small, family-owned company committed to sharing how this cherished food can be sustainably grown in complete transparency and hand-crafted into fine chocolate with cacao that is 100% grown and made in Hawaii.

In this 70% dark bar they celebrate one of the most quintessential flavor combinations, chocolate and mint. The natural high-tone notes of citrus in their Hawaii-grown cacao are complemented with the addition of just a touch of spearmint essential oil. This luxurious chocolate bar is perfect for any occasion, not only for evenings or after dinner.

Released once per year, every November, their Dark Mint is made to celebrate the holidays and to be shared with friends and family. 

65g / 2.3oz

Hawaii Grown Cacao
Organic Cane Sugar
Organic Cocoa Butter
Spearmint Essential Oil


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