Lonohana Estate Chocolate - 70% Hawaiian Dark

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Lonohana Estate Chocolate grows cacao on their farm on the North Shore of Oahu and makes chocolate at their factory in Honolulu. Rarely is chocolate made by the same people, or even in the same country where the cacao is grown. 

They are a small, family-owned company committed to sharing how this cherished food can be sustainably grown in complete transparency and hand-crafted into fine chocolate with cacao that is 100% grown and made in Hawaii.

With only two ingredients, this is Hawaii-grown chocolate in its purest form. Impeccable farming in nutrient rich soils, harvesting only at the peak of ripeness and careful fermentation ensure that they capture the absolute best of what Hawaii-grown cacao can produce. Then, they take care to gently roast and slowly stone grind the cacao beans to preserve the natural creaminess and bright citrus notes to create a powerful, delicious chocolate with an everlasting finish.

65g / 2.3oz

Hawaii Grown Cacao
Organic Cane Sugar


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