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This 72% dark chocolate bar from Moka Origins showcases cacao from Reserva Zorzal in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic cacao is famously known for its zingy and fruity flavor components. When the founders of Moka Origins visited this area and created and tasted chocolate straight from the farm, they could have sworn there were real cherries mixed into the batch. This dark bar was crafted with these flavors in mind, and treated in such a way to pull these flavors forward while blending them in with the rounded deep chocolate flavor we all know and love.

ABOUT THE ORIGIN: Tucked in the mountain of the Duarte Province in the Dominican Republic, Reserva Zorzal is the first ever cacao producing private reserve in the country. Co-founder Dr. Charles Kerchner and his team at Zorzal work towards greater community development through innovation in agronomy, fermentation, drying and ecological sustainability. Particular to Zorzal Cacao is their mission to continuing conservation of the bird Bicknell Thrush whose native home lies within Reserva Zorzal’s 1,019-acre reserve. About 70% of the reserve is warranted as a “forever wild” sanctuary while the remaining 30% produces cacao, macadamias, and bananas. In partnering with Zorzal Cacao, Moka Origins seeks to participate in the burgeoning cycle of giving back to our earth and its many species.

68g / 2.40oz

Organic Cocoa Beans
Organic Cane Sugar
Organic Cocoa Butter

Brandied Cherry
Zingy Fruit Accents

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