Spinnaker Chocolate - 58% Colombia Dark Oat Milk

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All of Spinnaker's chocolate is crafted from high-quality, well-fermented, and well-roasted cocoa beans. Their chocolate tastes different. It has a distinct and strong flavor that’s true to the origin of the cocoa. And for every bar purchased, they make a donation towards cleaning up the ocean.

This bar was made with cacao from Colombia and oat milk. 

They say it tastes like a creamy, dark milk but without any actual milk. The Colombia beans have a wonderfully smooth, classic dark chocolate taste.

You will like this bar if "You like milk chocolate but can't stomach the milk part. Lactose is your enemy. Or you just want to cut down on dairy."

57g / 2oz

Organic Cane Sugar
Organic Oat Flour
Cocoa Butter


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