White Label Chocolate - 72% Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador

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This 72% White Label Chocolate dark chocolate bar has been crafted with cacao from Costa Esmeraldas in Ecuador.

Their team shares all of this info on these bars:

Farm Structure: Single Estate

Producer: Salazar Family

Origin: Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Nearest City: Tonchigue, Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Terroir: Wet, Tropical

Elevation: ~300 ft ASL

Variety: Nacional hybrids (EET 95, 96, 103)

Soil: Mixed

Harvest Season: June - February

Fermentation Style: 5-tiered cedar boxes, 5.5 days fermentation

Drying Style: Sliding mesh platforms under greenhouse, platforms can be rolled in and out of sub to regulate rate of drying

65g / 2.30oz

Cocoa Beans
Organic Sugar
Organic Cocoa Butter

Brown Fruit

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